Everyone has a boss. Everyone has a leader, an authority, a parent, people in our lives who we owe honor to. Why should we show honor to others? What does showing honor to others have to do with God?

Honoring Fathers

June 16, 2013

Pastor Stephen Combs concludes our HONOR sermon series by helping us understand how to honor God as our Father and how to honor our earthly fathers in turn.

Honoring Others

June 9, 2013

Justin Norden continues our HONOR sermon series by talking about how to HONOR other believers and those around you.

Honoring Leaders

June 2, 2013

Pastor Jonathan continued our HONOR sermon series by focusing on one type of authority in our lives – our leaders. In this sermon, we learn about the relationship between Saul and David and how we can honor our leaders as a picture of our surrender to Christ in our lives.

Honoring Authority

May 26, 2013

Mike Laramee kicks off our HONOR sermon series by helping us understand what the Bible says about honoring authorities. Most of us are in a position of authority in some part of our lives, even if it is only over our own time or resources. But all of us are under multiple authorities in our lives. How can we honor them in a godly way?