Family Matters

Family Matters

God cares about the family – and he cares about your family. During this series, we’ll discover how following Christ and God’s design and intent for the family leads to blessing.

Matters of…Parenting

August 13, 2017

In this conclusion to our Family Matters series, we look at how God has called us to raise our children with the target of Christ-like maturity. There are a lot of different targets we can have, but Paul taught the church at Ephesus how to bring up children in Christ-like maturity that reflected the relationship they had with God as his children. We can bring our children up in Christ-like maturity when we cultivate their whole being, focusing not just on external behaviors, but on their heart, mind, and spirit.

Matters of…Marriage

August 6, 2017

Marriage: a wonderful union designed and declared by our Creator God for the our good. But it doesn’t always feel so good does it? Not always a “dream within a dream.” Two people, uniquely different, trying to be one unified family for life facing all the internal challenges of dealing with differing opinions, goals, and dreams and all the while facing the challenges of work, bills, sickness, and sometimes kids.

God’s plan goes far beyond the divorce statistics. God designed marriage and has a wonderful plan for couples according to His Word. A plan that will show off the glory of God to the world. In the book of Ephesians, Paul taught wives and husbands how to have a Christ-like marriage that reflected Christ’s relationship with His church.

Matters of…Reconciliation

July 30, 2017

We heard last week about having oneness and unity in our families, but sometimes things divide that oneness and we can’t see how to reconcile. In this message, we learn how to reconcile the division that has come between us and become unified once more.

Matters of…Oneness

July 23, 2017

“Oneness” as it relates to the family refers to the state of being in complete unity with one another and with the Lord. Why don’t we see the oneness that God intended at creation and that Christ came to give with our salvation? Why are so many families and marriages fractured and broken? One of the main problems is poor communication.

In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he taught them to seek oneness in Christ as the goal of their family communication. We can make oneness in Christ the goal of our family’s communication.

Matters of…the Family

July 16, 2017

You matter to God and your family matters to God. After all, the family was God’s idea. Yet, today families have strayed from God’s design and intent. In the book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul prayed that believers would experience God’s blessing on the family. We can experience God’s blessing on our families.