Seeing the Sacred in the Secular

Have you ever been listening to a popular song on the radio and found yourself surprisingly moved by the truth in its lyrics? That's because all truth is God's truth and even those far from God can be inspired by God. As we examine popular music from today, we will learn how to see the sacred in the secular.

All That Remains

In the past year, so much has changed in our world. Nothing seems certain anymore. “Normal” is a thing of the past. So how do we move forward, when it seems like nothing we invest in will last? Join us for this 3-part series that will teach us how to put our efforts towards the things that will always remain, no matter what this life throws at us.

Making Change

We’re spending 3 weeks talking about what the Bible says about your money and possessions and how “making a change” to manage your stuff God’s way, leads to financial freedom, joy and peace.


When the calendar changes to a new year, we tend to reflect on the past year and look towards the new year. In these sermons, we look at New Years resolutions from an eternal perspective.

Christmas Lights

You know it’s Christmas by all the lights. Lights on trees, in windows, hanging like icicles on rooftops, lights shining everywhere! It’s ironic that at the darkest time of the year, during the time of the winter solstice when our nights are the longest and our days are the shortest, that we celebrate the season with lights! But Christmas lights are not about lighting up the dark nights of winter, but about pointing to the true light, the Great Light, Jesus Christ.