We’re happy to make all of our custom-designed graphics and media available to churches that might want to reuse some of our sermon series ideas. Feel free to grab these files and use them or modify them.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Just click on the sermon series logo to download a .zip file of logos, posters and sermon intro videos in .jpg, .pdf, .mp4, and .ai formats (when available). Feel free to email us at info@wccnc.org if you have further questions.

On Being Christian - Sermon Series Spiritual DNA - Sermon Series The Rhythm of Prayer - Sermon Series Faith and Family Sermon Series 9 Marks Sermon Series - Fruit of the Spirit Rise Again, Come Again Sermon Series A Dialogue With God, an exposition of Malachi Sermon Series Reset Sermon series The Three Gifts Christmas Sermon Series Not Ashamed, an exposition of 2 Timothy Sermon Series An Orphan's Hope Sermon 7 Habits of Growing Christians Sermon series Simplify Your Life Sermon Series Kingdom Kids Parenting Sermon Series FAIL Sermon Series Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health Sermon Series Resurrection Hope Sermon series Basic RGB SHAPEd for Significance, based on Rick Warren's SHAPE concept Flow Sermon Series I AM Sermon Series, through the book of John Ignite Sermon Series Parables Sermon Series True Worshipers Sermon Series Honor sermon series Jonah sermon series, an exposition of Jonah Evangelium Sermon Series All I Want for Christmas Sermon Series